Rubedo at OFFF

posted : 16 May 2014

Laurent-Paul Robert: Rubedo
OFFF, Barcelona
15 – 17 May 2014

Laurent-Paul Robert presented his multidisciplinary work with Rubedo as the Adobe Special Speaker at the OFFF festival in Barcelona.
This post-digital culture festival focuses on contemporary creativity through conferences, workshops and performances by cutting-edge international artists.

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posted : 9 April 2014

Trans_Lux & Diodicity: Synaescapes by Rubedo,
Silicon Valley Contemporary, San Jose
10 – 13 April 2014

Rubedo’s immersive installations feature at the inaugural edition of Silicon Valley Contemporary.

‘Diodicity’ and ‘Trans_Lux’ are synaesthetic landscapes of sound and light, choreographed in real time by the movement of the first-person user.

Curated by Paul Young / Young Projects.

In collaboration with Paynes and Borthwick Gallery, London.

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Dissolutio at ArtBasel Miami

posted : 8 April 2014

Dissolutio, installation by Rubedo
ArtBasel Miami
Delano, Miami Beach, 3 December 2013

New work from Rubedo’s ‘Dissolutio’ series featured at the ArtBasel Miami, fusing open exposure “light painting”, choreography, voice and sound art into a site-specific installation.

The sensual landscapes of sound and light invite the viewers to immerse themselves in a hypnotic, complex yet playful universe.

Curated by Elena Sorokina/House of the Nobleman and the Whitechapel Gallery.




posted : 14 November 2013

live performance by Rubedo
Paris Photo Platform
Grand Palais, 15 November 2013

Created for Paris Photo Platform, Rubedo are staging an experimental performance and workshop at the Grand Palais, Paris, based on the ‘Dissolutio’ series.

The work invites the artist and the audience to merge and transform the space through open exposure “light painting”, movement and sound.

Curated by Chantal Pontbriand and Nicolas Bourriaud.

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posted : 2 October 2013

Trans_Lux & Diodicity: Synaescapes by Rubedo,
Paynes & Borthwick Gallery
3 October – 3 December 2013

Rubedo’s installations ‘Diodicity’ and ‘Trans_Lux’ launch Paynes & Borthwick Gallery, the first commercial gallery for 3D realtime art.

The otherworldly, playful, sensual landscapes of sound and light allow every visitor to choreograph them as the first-person user.

Curated by Futurecity; supported by Lane Castle, United House and La Salle Management Investment.

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Reflection & Imagination

posted : 1 May 2013

Rubedo @ BiennaleOnline 2013
Reflection & Imagination
Opening 2 May 2013

Rubedo’s recent work features at the BiennaleOnline, the first exclusively online selection of  emerging contemporary artists by 30 leading international curators.

Organised by Art + Network and curated by Jan Hoet, the show attempts to enhance the way artists, curators and collectors connect and collaborate.

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Audiomorph: A Sonic Exploration

posted : 30 November 2012

The Status of Sound: Writing Histories of Sonic Art
CUNY Center for Humanities, 30 November 2012

Rubedo’s piece ‘Audiomorph’ [Can I Wear My Song?] features in the discourse of the philosopher Rahma Khazam of Sorbonne at the symposium ‘The Status of Sound: Writing Histories of  Sonic Art’ at CUNY on 30 November 2012.

Khazam describes the piece as a crystallised sonic pattern shaped by the performer’s body and voice – an exploration of audible, visible and material sound.

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Constructing Immersion

posted : 12 September 2012

Participation Culture
X|Media|Lab Switzerland
Kunstmuseum Basel, 13-16 September 2012

Laurent-Paul Robert and Vesna Petresin-Robert are keynote speakers and mentors at the X|Media|Lab Switzerland in Basel.

Examining methods of creating immersive environments through synaesthesia, perceptive illusions and multimedia, this presentation of Rubedo’s work also highlights collaboration with Double Negative VFX.

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Soundscape for a 100 Year City

posted : 22 August 2012

Sound Pavilion for ’2112Ai: 100 Year City’ by Rubedo
13th International Architecture Exhibition
Galleria A+A, Venice 29 August – 25 November 2012

Rubedo created a Sound Pavilion for a 100 Year City, an exhibition of visionary architectural projects for the European Culture Capital 2012 Maribor [Slovenia], unveiled at the Venice Biennale.

Cycles of sonic loops installed in a Venetian townhouse create a constantly evolving soundscape, where patterns change with the movement of the listener.

This acoustic ecology models the future evolution of structures and flows in a city.

La Biennale participants